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[]FIREWORKS INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a unique company in Corporate Safety, managed by highly skilled workers; that is committed to quality and safety – everything you need to get the job done, on time, on target and on budget worldwide. Protecting lives and properties against fires and other Industrial hazards by ensuring that the correct equipment is installed, appropriate safety wears are supplied, used and also that the right safety habits are complied with. Being that we are very much into the technical aspect of safety, we construct, check these equipment periodically, service and maintain them when due, thus ensuring a safe working environment.

Considering our background, experience and with a good knowledge of general safety requirements in Oil, Shipping and General Industrial Safety, we contribute in ensuring higher safety standards for the organizations that we work for. We consult on all the above and many more, train, write and publish safety manuals and H.S.E. / C.A.S.H.E.S. programs for companies on request.

Moreover, we provide trained (skilled & unskilled) manpower (labor supplies)on a stand – in (representation) and or on a permanent basis in all our fields of coverage.

Having practiced safety with companies at various levels (onshore / offshore, etc) therefore, we understand the language beautifully well and as such, can work with minimum supervision in the following fields: –

  1. Fire Extinguishers (Inspection, Sales, Installation and Maintenance Services).
  2. Fire / Burglary Alarm with Beacon Lamp (sales, installation, service).
  3. Breathing Apparatus, Safety Signs, Labor Supply, Supervision and Management.
  4. Hydrants, Hoses and hose Reels, Sprinklers and Flood systems.
  5. Thunder and Lightning Arrests (Protectors).
  6. All Other Sub – contracts,
  7. Life Rafts, Life buoys (rings), All other Marine and Diving Safety Equipment, ETC.


We hold the current American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certification amongst others. Besides the educational qualification of our staff, our wealth of experience stems from working for such companies, please check Client’s link.

It is a remarkable feat and part of the ongoing success story of Fireworks Investments Limited, as one of the fastest growing safety companies in Nigeria … experience us..

We shall be willing to work in any of your sites wherever situated.

We look forward to your invitation and subsequent patronage.

NB: We are prepared to stand for interview on any safety related matters.
We also have a good knowledge of H.S.E. and C.A.S.H.E.S. programs