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Our Service Range: What We Can Do For You.

We are a specialist group in the protection of lives and properties against Fire, General Industrial and marine shazards, Environmental, Fumigation, Consultations, Training and Orientation programs in Fire Prevention and General Safety, Mechanical and Technical items.

We design and produce Safety Rules and Regulations to conform with International laws on Safety standards, provisions of safety wears e.g. Hard hats, Safety shoes and Rain boots, Coveralls, Raincoats, Gloves, Goggles, Nose masks and Ear muffs / Plugs etc.

We draw up safety policy in the form of handbooks and manuals for companies and each staff of such company as personal copies.

We also run Inspection services and checks for loss prevention. Our standard fire fighting service range includes Sales, Installation and General ervice/Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, Fire/Burglary Alarm Units, Smoke Detectors, Hydrants and Valves, Hoses and Hose Reels, Lightning Arrestors, etc. Our environmental service is equally of a high standard.

In all, we work under periodic or term contracts.

FOR TERM CONTRACTS: (applicable for companies that patronise us on a very regular basis).

The time range is not less than two (2) years. Other advantages include: –

  1. Reduced cost – our charge is usually much lower for those companies that are under service and maintenance agreement with us.
  2. Major services are conducted for not less than two (2) times every year- this does not however include the constant periodic checks / inspections conducted at no extra cost to your organization.
  3. Standby equipment while we are attending to your own.
  4. Training of at least one (1) staff on the basics and first aid fire fighting/ procedures. This is beside the general orientation and training for all other staff.
  5. For new purchases, your company can collect safety equipment from us while reconciliation for payments are made later.
  6. You are also entitled to current periodicals and lecture on fire safety whenever available.
  7. We offer a six-month service free period on all fire extinguishers.
  8. Should you put any fire extinguisher to use before the next service, you are entitled to a standby replacement if for any reason we are unable to revive your own immediately.
  9. No price variation or changes for all your new purchases and service maintenance until the end of the contract term.
  10. Under term contract arrangement, it is easier to trace faults thus, more convenient and easier to hold an organization responsible for any lapses.
  11. Easier and better job co-ordination that surely cancels and totally eliminates the use of quacks.
  12. Haphazard job handling is cancelled and discontinued.
  13. We carry out Inspection services for and on behalf of companies.
  14. Recommendations based on our findings are tailored to meet the specific.
  15. The right and correct types of equipment are installed at the right and correct places.
  16. We run periodic maintenance services and a constant patrol for all clients on our list. This is to make sure that their equipment are battle ready always.
  17. We run manpower training and orientation programs for company workers on the use and application of all types and kinds of installed safety equipment; lecture notes, handouts and demonstration are given after such courses.
  18. We handle pre-purchase inspection / installation of machines, heavy-duty equipment, cars and trucks, factories, residences, fire/safety equipment etc.
  19. We enter into relationship and term contract agreements with corporate organizations. Under this we also provide personnel on a temporary or permanent basis at your work site.
  20. Sales and installation of electric water pumps, engine pumps electric motors and all technical equipment. Above all, we bring safety to your doorstep. You are surer if it is by and from FIREWORKS.